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Get inspired and stay updated on the latest trends in e-commerce with our list of the leading blogs. Learn from the experts and same-minded people.
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Top Picks for E-commerce Lovers

What we do know now is that the 'E' in e-commerce doesn't stand for easy.

John Hagel
E-commerce is changing fast. With the number of consumers accessing online shops from their smartphones and tablets increasing, it is crucial for retailers to keep updated with the industry’s changes and developments. The best way to make sure you’re getting all the relevant news is to read through a number of different online magazines and blogs. Don’t limit yourself to one specific website, choose two or three different sources with articles from around the world.




Stay on top of the latest news in online shopping, learn about the trends and competition and get inspiration for your brand with some of the best e-commerce blogs and websites:



A blog that includes everything you need to know about ecommerce, ideas for your brand and running an online business. In particular, this blog shares some valuable information for retailers on strategies used to improve online behavior of your customers and get inspired.

Find here:

  • webinars, video guides and podcasts
  • free tools & wiki
  • expert opinions & success stories
  • marketing advice



BigCommerce is a technology company that develops software for online retailers. Similar to Shopify, the company’s own blog provides information on all aspects of e-commerce as well tips and advice for entrepreneurs. “Dream big and sell more” is the credo.

Find here:

  • free guide to ecommerce technology
  • success stories
  • information on product development



Groove is an award-winning full service agency based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their services include designing, building and promoting e-commerce websites. With partners like HubSpot, Magento and Shopify, the company has established its place as one of the leading national industry experts and it keeps growing fast. Their blog contains useful information on topics regarding e-commerce as well as marketing and branding advice.

Find here:

  • news in e-commerce
  • SEO & SEM
  • marketing & design
  • free e-books, webinars
  • other useful tools


Internet Retailer

Originally launched in 1999 by Faulkner&Grey and purchased by Vertical Web Media  in 2000, Internet Retailer is constantly growing its content, updating its platform daily. Among a lot of useful and inspiring content, this site includes a guide of best online retailers.

Find here:

  • everything about e-commerce & mobile commerce
  • business intelligence in e-commerce
  • get a professional answer from an expert
  • Top500 Guide of best online retailers (based on their earnings)
  • vendor database


Ecommerce News – Europe

This e-commerce blog was launched in 2013 by two Dutch bloggers and covers e-commerce news in Europe, including cross-border, payments and a lot of useful information for startups looking to expand their brand into European countries.

Find here:

  • upcoming e-commerce events in Europe, sorted by country
  • general information on every country
  • Forum discussions




For our German Readers, Here are Some Interesting Pages:


E-commerce Magazin


Enjoy browsing through these sites!


We are constantly looking for trends and updates in branding and e-commerce. Do you have some interesting sites to share with us? Did we miss anything? Let us know!


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