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If you're looking for the most influential fashion and lifestyle blogs in Germany, check out our Top 5 Favorites of 2016
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Most Popular Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Blogs in Germany. Top 5 of Our Favorites!

An amazing, compelling and beautiful brand story will earn you the attention and love of your buyers and followers and help you get recognized by influencers in the industry. Behind every great story there is (of course) a great storyteller. Fashion bloggers have an eye for the current trends and they know how to reach their audience. So, today, we want you to meet the most popular fashion, design and lifestyle blogs in Germany!

Their tremendous influence on social media platforms and the impact they have on buyer decisions can be easily explained. They are real people, expressing their honest opinions and reviews of products, displaying the fashion through pictures and videos.

Sure, there are also bloggers who make their living from reviewing certain products. However, no blogger would take up a fashion item if he or she is convinced it would seriously suck. Reputation and trust is the motor of their postings. One way or another, they provoke discussions, shares, likes and hashtags.

Get to know the digital influencers of German fashion and lifestyle and decide on the best ways of building relationships with them. We picked and chose our favorite German blogs according to their online activity, Facebook and Instagram followers and the general media perception. Note that they are in no particular order.


Here are our Top 5 Favorite German Blogs:

1. Journelles



Jessica Weiss, the founder of Journelles, is probably one of the most experienced German bloggers. She started her first blog Les Mads with her friend back in 2007 as a hobby and immediately gained the attention of young fashionistas. Additionally, she appeared as a moderator of a TV show and works with partners like Weekday, Closed and Peek & Cloppenburg. With over 120k followers on Instagram and 30k fans on Facebook as well as notable 400k readers of her blog, she has certainly made herself a name in this industry.

Categories that are covered in her blog include:

  • Fashion
  • Interior
  • Outfit mix
  • Traveling
  • Beauty advice

Find information about the possibility of becoming a partner as well as advertising on her page.

*Note that she specifically asks not to send her unsolicited samples and PR materials


2. Lindarella



Created by Linda (which certainly explains the name of the blog), Lindarella is all about topics of fitness, fashion and fun. A nice personal touch of her blog is the emphasis on the lifestyle in Munich, the city she lives in. It’s a dynamic collection of photos and stories and has the great benefit of being available in both the German and English languages. Linda has worked with partners like Adidas and has an impressive 82k people watching her on Instagram.

She also gives the option of contacting her if one has an interest in working with her.


3. Masha Sedgwick



It all started in Cologne and eventually reached Berlin – meet Masha Sedgwick, a very authentic blogger who discusses topics like fashion, beauty and traveling. Masha (presumably a pseudonym) has over 71k Instagram followers and around 60k Facebook fans and is committed to every one of her posts, which is mirrored in her daily updates consisting of quite a selection of categories:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • (some interesting) random facts
  • All about Berlin
  • Sunday post…

…and even more!

Her website is available in three different languages: German, English and Russian. Get to know the author better and if you would like to send her any business inquiries, find the information here.


4. 23 QM Stil


From the world of fashion to interior design, here comes 23QM Stil. Ricarda found an interesting idea to write about – 23 square meters of space is the average German living room. With a healthy portion of enthusiasm in her stories and pictures that immediately capture your interest; this blog is talking about interior design as well as the current trends of the industry, traveling and some yummy recipes. And, of course, Cologne.

Ricarda gained a lot of attention from the media and was featured in some notable German magazines, including Living at Home, Schöner Wohnen as well as appearing on TV as a guest.

On her website, she specifically emphasizes the point of working together. As a devoted blogger with the responsibility of delivering only the best content, Ricarda chooses her partners carefully. Think she may be interested in your product? Here is how to contact her.

5. Happy Interior Blog


This time it’s Igor Josifovic who is sharing his experiences and thoughts of interior design, home accessories as well as traveling and.. plants in his Happy Interior Blog! That is one interesting combination already, right? Despite being based in Munich, the blog itself is internationally popular and it won the award of ‘Best International Blog’ in 2014! It’s absolutely fun to browse though Igor’s articles.

On his website Igor notes that he gets a lot of emails (the perk of success!). The way of reaching out to him is through this page.


Final Thoughts

So here we go, five different blogs and inspiring personalities behind them. You may bookmark their pages and add them to your radar, not only because they can be your potential partner one day but to also learn about culture and the trends in Germany. And, since almost every blog we mentioned is written in English, it should be quite a joy to browse through the pages!


Did you stumble upon some interesting website? Or, maybe, you disagree with our choices? Share your experiences with us as we are also always looking for inspiration and fresh perspectives!


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